Official confirmation of the 2022 Skyrunning DM at Chiemgau Trail Run:

The German Skyrunning Federation hereby confirms the routes M and XL at the Chiemgau Trail Run as racetracks of the German Championship for 2022.

As a newly founded member of the International Skyrunning Federation, we are really looking forward to having skyrunning events on German soil! After all these years, there are now opportunities for German athletes to participate in a Skyrace in their country and the routes of the Chiemgau Trail Run are perfect for this.

Wendall Lorenzen

President and Co-Founder of the German Skyrunning Federation

Dominik Hartmann (Race director Chiemgau Trail Run)
From the beginning, it was our incentive to present the athletes with the technically demanding trails in Chiemgau at the start of the trail running season at the beginning of May. We are all the more pleased that the two distances M (21km) and XL (60km) are now listed as certified courses by the International Skyrunning Federation. So see for yourself – see you on May 7, 2022!

What does this mean for you:
Every participant on the M and XL distance automatically participates in the German Championship of the German Skyrunning Federation. The three best German athletes will be chosen separately at the award ceremony and can call themselves the first German champions in the SkyRace® (M distance) and Sky Ultra (XL distance) distance.

Further information can be found on the following link: